Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project Spartan - Under the hood

Tech titan Microsoft lifted the shroud of speculation which was doing the rounds for weeks, when it unveiled Project Spartan, Microsoft's freshest project right after they decided to throw the obsolete browser, Internet Explorer into the shredder. This newfangled web browser is faster in terms of overhead, cleaner with regards to its user interface, concise
in terms of information.
      Beyond regular browser capabilities, Microsoft has promised its user-base, 3 new features for the desktop and the mobile platform; Spartan has Microsoft's beloved and amiable virtual assistant Cortana imbued into it. This means increased cohesiveness laced with note-taking capabilities and a reader mode. There's a lot of mystery surrounding its array of functionalities for none know what else may be included in their latest endeavor but rest assured, we can be certain that there may be box of surprises for us when Microsoft ships Spartan by the fall of 2015.
        Now Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft announced that since Spartan is in its Pupal stages, it wont be shipped along with the first Insider Build and the scheduled date for their mobile suite has been deferred to the spring of 2016 but he nonetheless attributed the birth of Spartan to the vast emerging family of Windows users. Spartan's engine will be built on the foundations of their old engine, the Trident engine. It has decided against ditching Trident in favor of Webkit for Safari or Blink used for Chrome or Opera. There's a legacy engine that can mimic old browsers as far as Internet Explorer 5.5 and then there's their latest version, a rebranded Edge which strips out all the backward compatibility but Microsoft has decided to proceed with the former.
        Speaking of compatibility, reports suggest that Microsoft would be shipping their latest OS Windows 10 for free across their platforms. Before you spring like a monkey out of a box, let me tell you there is an upside and a downside to it; the upside is that existing users get to upgrade their operating systems for free and the downside is that Spartan is designed to run only on Windows 10 so to all those obdurate users who feel needless to upgrade from Windows 7 would be missing out on this uber cool browser. Here is a first look at Project Spartan

Spartan for the Mobile

Spartan for the Desktop


  1. Looking forward to something new though I have a sinking feeling that nothing radical is going to emerge. I think Microsoft is just confident that its head of a giant elephant herd and it can afford to just release yet another 'windows' and yet another browser and the cash register will keep ringing. Oh well why not after all Taken 3 has been released and Jurassic park 4 is out and spiderman is what 3 or 4 (I cant even keep track) and there are suckers who still go out and watch them at full ticket prices so why not windows 10.
    After all the bad guys in the operating system plot are too weak to rise for forseeble future and I hope I don't have to eat my words on that one :-)

  2. However, I foresee a wider user adoption rate for Win10 due to Microsoft's desperate attempt to clinch a victory here and as far the OS itself is concerned, there's barely anything to look forward to, except Spartan; Another generic upgrade to its squarish predecessor.