Sunday, January 25, 2015

Suffering fools

The next generation of young blokes are here now that our generation has ventured into the vast fields of mid-ages. While we nibbled on G.I.JOEs and hot wheels then, the kids of today are nibbling on smartphones and gadgets alike. Sports for them is tiring, Music beyond Honey Singh is a desperate hope while rich literature has passed into obscurity. The beacon of enlightenment once, has now diminished. Of course nestling our lives to technology is never a bad sign but how we use it equally needs to be accentuated.
      Lets do the math, shall we? How many children do you spot inside a mall and how many of those children do you spot taking a stroll inside Crosswords? Our society once built on the roots of good books read by erudite people who inculcated a sense of an elevated morality in their peers, has crumbled into a claptrap of indulgence. Gone are the days when Henry David Thoreau, Ernest Hemingway and R.K Narayan were at the crux of every social conversation while Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and SD Burman were en-queued in everybody's playlist. The world of today as we know it revolves around imbeciles and sensational gossip. Cinematic nincompoops are encouraging sub-optimal cinema. Hordes congregate outside Salman Khan's apartment on the eve of his birthday but the launch of a great book never sees the light
     We have even lost track of whom to glorify and whom to vilify. Is this how we want the next generation of vanguards to grow? These blokes must be guided and goaded into a path which is filled with the true sense of art, music and literature for most of us have forgotten the very definition of these terms and their glorious impact they've had on our society in the past. Films which broaden our outlook must be emphasized rather than the ludicrous display what we today have come to call 'Entertainment'. If we don't endeavor to permeate this treasure, soon before we may realize, it'll all have vanished into thin air.
      To put it in a nutshell, I'd fancy quoting my friend cum companion Mr.Hemingway because he puts it so eloquently; "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for. Well I agree with the second part."

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  1. I agree to almost everything you said right there but still I think back then when we were in our teens our next generation might have said the same thing about us, I strongly believe books are source of wisdom and outdoor games are means of being active and fit, the new generation must put upon these values by enduring themselves in reading and play outdoor games along with playing games on smartphones .