Monday, February 16, 2015

The Internet of Things

Every so often now, you stumble upon a quotidian term which everybody has started throwing around. The Internet of Things, a jargon which the tech blokes have come to admire affably is now finding its way into the day-to-day conversations of the community. Some may find it sprayed on websites while cruising through the web or some may come across it in the middle of a conversation and others might find it graphically sprayed on the streets. The underlying moral is that it has not only the potential to define how we live but also the potential to define how we work. Its increasing importance and imminent presence leads us to the question, Is it important for us to understand what the Internet of Things can do? Before we brace that question, let us first delve into this concept.

So what is the IoT?
It is the network of anything and everything on the Internet out there. A web spun around the global medium that connects us, enables our work, eases our lifestyle and therefore, impacts our life. Quadband is on the ascent and with it, the cost of devices is becoming affordable, internet is voyaging through untrodden domains, web services today are broadly availed by the everyman, censors and wireless technology is being installed into every device imaginable, the smartphone penetration has skyrocketed while wearable technology is emerging.
    Keeping all the aforementioned possibilities in mind, it'd be safe to assume that users are more connected and their lives, more comforting. We could think of them as ingredients to prepare a dish named the 'Internet of Things'. For example, controlling the luminosity of a lamp or a ceiling light with our smartphone a metre away just goes to eloquently define the IoT as simple as anything possibly can.

What the IoT can do?
       Moving on to what the IoT can do, there are a bunch of existing technologies which have already begun to deploy it. Calibrating fitness levels on our smartwatch, measuring weight and constantly updating our fitness profiles on the Desktop from our Smartphones or our SmartWatches are a few of the magical possibilities which highlights the power of IoT. It can also go as far as controlling an entire city. Yes you guessed it right, A SmartCity woven together with the needles of the Internet. This image should further your basic understanding of IoT:

          By the year 2020, word has it that anything that can be interconnected will be interconnected. The upside to this revolution is wider inter-connectivity and faster interplay between devices and people alike. However the downside to this movement is the plummeting absence of privacy. What we do and how we let it influence us is entirely upto us. 

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