Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wearables - what? why? when?

Last week Jonathan Shieber from TechCrunch quoted, "The future of wearable technology is for the enterprise for now". Being factually and sadly accurate, i decided to shed light on this clouded technology that could branch into endless applications with the proper user base. It all began with the coining of 'souseveillance', a concept which dictates a recorded activity by a participant typically by way of a small personal wearable technology. Souseveillance in particular opened a new horizon of possibilities in the ubiquitous world of computing. The wearable bluetooth headset was the primary inaugrator in the race. However it didn't quite hit the register when it came to market share. Gradually the chatter died into hibernation. Now with the introduction of the Google glass and myriad other products following suit, the quest for exploring a new world has flung ajar.

        This is portable technology we are talking about. Dating back to the inception of the digital age, we stand at a crossroad of avenues unbeknowst to any of us. Ranging from health, logistics, defense, domestic, culinary, sports, fitness and travel, the wearable technology has the potential to span across platforms multitudinously.

                This opportunity unbolted with the launch of other major releases like Oculus Rift and Apple Watch with competitor companies like Augmate, Pristine, Google and Apple joining the brigade in the hope that several other organization might follow down the untrodden path because the tech titans have kept projects surreptitious. If there's one wisdom that the digital age has imparted in the last three decades, it is the fact that users don't know what they want unless they see something they haven't seen. Google has enlisted ten partners for its 'Glass at Work' program which enhances their development towards driving the Google Glass.

What remains to be seen, nonetheless is the rate of user adoption and the market share these technologies manage to haul. Considering the gloom surrounding the wearables, we can only hope the mist will vanish into thin air in the next 2 years. Theres a booming market filled with an expansive set of possibilities simply lying in wait.


  1. It does sound exciting but I will be willing to raise a eyebrow only if they come up one of the following:
    1) A device that provides a daily health forecast to my watch or phone just like I get a weather forecast.
    2) A device / app that knows me so well that it can recommend what and where I should eat based on my health stats

  2. Well, this sounds like a great avenue to explore. With my own personal doctor on the go, health maintenance would be so much easier.