Saturday, December 27, 2014

Are bio-metrics and e-wallets, the future in the making?

The world as we know it, is transforming by the minute and new elements are responsible for the transformation. The era of digital age between the 80s and the 2000s was the birthplace of technology where art and science were amalgamated into a unified masterpiece. Software gained impetus along the line while hardware was perfected with increasing emphasis given to design. Concepts such as Operating Systems, client/servers and the internet boomed abundantly and flourished under the visionaries of the era. The birth of GUI marked an epoch in the history of the Digital Age.
          Today's world is no different from what it was before the advent of the Digital Age and something in the back is stirring its way to becoming something chiefly necessary for the tomorrow. The next thirty years of the tech world would be defined by the marriage of technology, art and biometrics. While some of you may be quizzed by this development, it may eventually dawn to you that biometrics has a pivotal role to play in our lives.

Working of a Biometric registration and extraction model

    Biometrics was first cited in the dusty research papers published by French antrhopologist Alphonse Bertillian in 1870 but it only saw the light in the latter half of the twentieth century. This field, if you think about it has always existed since the dawn of humans. The facial recognition is the oldest form of biometrics we all have come to know. However this nascent field has seeped into several streams and is spreading wings across new platforms namely security, finance, corporate logistics, travel, medical. Security and the Medical industry are the foremost torch-bearers in standardizing biometric configuration. Facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, retina scanning, DNA scanning, cardiac analysis are the kinds of biometric analysis to name a few. While many are putting their foot down and adopting this technology, there are a dissident few who are unwilling to do so because of the redundancies.

Bitcoin currency

Mobiles have already joined the brigade in developing Health apps that detect pulse rates, calibrate the blood pressure and calculate fitness parameters. SmartWatches can be the ideal tool to wield biometric calculations because its not only a personal wearable device but also an inexpensive one to keep track of your health and shed light on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual improvements. Adding to this, keys and wallets will be soon rendered obsolete due to smartphones

Apple Pay

Start-ups like Kwikset's Kivo Locks and Lockitron while Apps like PassBook on the iPhone are already giving these old school gadgets a run for their money and now with the introduction of iPhone 6 and Apple Pay, Bitcoin, m-Pesa, carrying digital money has never been so convenient. Imagine securing these devices with your biometric data and the impact it could have on your daily life. Ofcourse implementing every single part of this picture is gonna take another 8 years to paint but the canvas is set and its a matter of time ere Biometrics, eWallets and eKeys find a home in everyman's pocket.


  1. Excellent post that captures this pivotal moment and beyond in this age.

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