Monday, December 22, 2014


At what point does passion stop being an inspiration and give rise to cynicism. what have we learnt not to do and what to do with the time given to us. How many of us are venting our anger towards the folks  in the local train and how many of us are trying to instill civility? Is passion driven by cynicism or is cynicism driven by passion.
        I’m baffled by this overwhelming need in us to please the people around us by catering to their needs and renouncing ourselves in dire pursuits of such needs. The reason I wet my feet into the waters of this issue is because i am often confronted with people withholding their right to express and therefore, the right to information. Is this what conformists would term as ‘equilibrium’  in a society? if not, then what else are we supposed to renounce to achieve total equilibrium? We all have brief experiences with the vagaries of this excessive and almost obsessive need to achieve this equilibrium. 
      The biggest question that lurks at the back of my mind is whether fulfilling what others want you to fulfill is the same as what you want yourself to fulfill? The ignoble would concur with the latter while the nobles of our society would concur with the former. Why you ask? Nobility dictates we abide by the boundaries lawfully and culturally  albeit pretentiously or  unpretentiously. This gives rise to non-conformism as law dictates an existing force shall spawn a repelling force as well and this avenue is no different. Which category do we fall under? thats a vague question to be asking. The question we must ask is whether traits like selfishness, rebelliousness and cavalierness hazard our existence within the socio-economic barriers while the servile, benevolence and restraint consolidate our eternal existence within these very barriers. 
         While the extremists would argue that borders are merely a construct, I personally want to ask each of us, are we all slaves to our opinions or are we masters to our opinions?  Increasingly the very fabric of our nature revolves around this brief stint with such crises that many may argue, is puny. Think about what great, an impact it may have on our actions. Our actions speak more than our inactions do, do they not? 
        The internet today is a hellhole for many and an oasis for a some. Some treat technology as a genuflection while others, as an arcane hellish curse hanging over our ‘perfectly built cultural society’. So when are we going to get rid of this disdain for internet that the majority think, has scorned their children’s childhood. These are among the many anecdotes that i happen to share with those reading this.  I am tempted to speak more on this but i am not certain its righteous of me to anticipate these utopian transgressions from our denizens. However i’ll leave the townsfolk to realize this zany dream when someday this utopian dream would come true and we could all gorge in the fruits of our own actions without any chains of blandishing conformism. In the end, disagreeing can be equally impactful as agreeing. 

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