Friday, December 12, 2014

there whereby the child loved

.... the tides had fallen apart;
it was time for his loved ones to depart;
the child was abandoned to be taught the lessons of life;
pondering over his broken bonds, the child was left in a strife.
for 'life' wasn’t done with the child.
he who was born to love amongst the wild
,lurking among his priorities, he was forced to shift,
as he witnessed his beloved ones besides him drift.

little did his innocence know about the fateful day;
for loving, the price of which he had to pay.
life had played its devious part;
the dawn of a new era, it wanted the child to start,
from love to hatred, the child was compelled to sway,
vexed with the numbness, little by little emotions vanished away..

now he treads on the shores of life,
anxiously waiting for the waves to touch his feet,
and when they did, the child couldn’t help but smile in despair back at life,
muttering, 'boy, was this your way of a treat'.....

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  1. This is such a pool of emotion conveyed so crisp and precise