Friday, December 12, 2014

Time, an old friend

sitting on my seat in the train journeying through life,
at the end of which lies the destination of death,
i reminisce ever since i embarked upon this journey.

the station was love,
the feelings were sown,
grades were low and affections grown.
I heave a few wrong words and then you wander astray,
whenever i look back, i murmur i wanted you to stay.

I wake up in the morning and the memories fade away,
whenever i close my eyes, it stays until the next day.
The streets offlate dampen by the changes that happen,
the rains thudding on the roof, the shadows moving aloof,
every phase that we endure seems like a disease without cure.

i cross the first station but with company gone,
i curse myself often for being a moron.
i look upwards only to squirm
"o wings of god, where were you when i wanted you lift me.
o clouds of heaven, where were you when my guilty-ridden conscience wanted solace.
o miracles of nature, time flew by but i couldnt find you whilst i waited for one."

i dared to linger into the netherlands only to find souls are selling themselves,
some worshipped gods,
some worshipped devils,
and who were these folks to label an entity,
why did they worship things they didnt understand,
why did they choose a side they could never comprehend,
all the while forgetting who they were within.
my mind welled with questions,
my heart imbued with doubts.

Purity they lacked,
superstition they backed,
religious war they fought,
a pagan halo they wrought.

and now that the train seems peaceful for a mile,i decided to hum the songs awhile,
gone are the memories that were vile and.........

i look out the window and guess what, i am greeted by a smile.

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