Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dream no more

a change in self i could not admit;
to my mere conscience i was reluctant to submit;
truth was piercing through the unchanged;
and i lay yonder, waned in darkness wondering what changed.
crowned upon my own feelings, the eyes reflect a false pride;
for the truth lies in the reality that they have fallen with the crashing tides.
love, bindings, friendships, bonds, they came; they tore;
still their wounds i bore.
deep within the dark clouds of life i sit here in a moment of quite contemplation, trying to mount a dream into a reality while holding onto the ropes of sanity.
here i sit trying to write what my heart wants to while my mind tries to hold the words back;
i try, i try hard not to express affection by tying them to a sack;
but escape they do, from the cracks i have sewn;
in my vacant heart that overflows by the noon.

 as the first rays of hope steam in, i merely wish when i open my eyes, from last night's dream, you and me become a reality and not just a dream!
dont try to run away for there's many things i want to say no matter how it ends, just hold me when i tell you.

 while our favourite song plays in the background, every lyric reminding me of you, conversations running through my head, so many things that i wish you knew.
so each time i clear my thoughts of you and i think that i am doing fine. i know i am only lying to myself praying once again you were mine.

teeming from within, each day i changed from innonce to bastardness.

now that time has grown old, i tread besides the dusking sea and dreamt a dream that could not be, the waves that plunged along the shore;

 said only "dreamer, dream no more!"

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