Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cast Away

poisons pain you. rivers are damp. acid stains you. and drugs cause cramp. 
guns aren't lawful. nooses give. gas smells awful. you might as well live.
more often than not, the greatest power in the world is often shortlived.

so lets get fastened and harness them for the memories they occupy, so vivid.

life will haul you;
life will marvel you;
life torments;
life respects;
life embraces  you into its maternal arms;
life deserts you in its wilderness of catacombs.
the goddamn game of life is an enigma, only for those who try to look and fantasize,
but the enlightenment of what lies beneath the cathedral of knowledge, 
is far greater than even you allow yourself to realize.
life does not bode well with everyone;
for the destiny's gambled profits, it shares only with a chosen one.  
earthed walls and a thatched canopy, do not, a home create;
chaotic catastrophes are life's way of humans' strife, to relate.
da choice between heaven and hell is the guy upstairs' lifelong scrutiny on us humans.
survival is the lethal weapon, that we ought to wield with strained resilience.
though the heat of the sun, is beyond measure, da mere flame of the candle is of greater danger.
patience and perseverance, being the solely roads to subjucate despair, anguish and anger. 
da higher you place your hopes in one, the farther it has to fall.
so lower the expectations, paving way for sovereignity to stand tall.
da devil snatches a hand in what is done in haste, so abandon your reckless cookie. 
disembark on the shores of harmonizing with nature, as moderation is the key. 

ernest hemingway once quoted: the world is a fine place and worth fighting for, i agree with the latter part.

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